All visitors to Sweden agree that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The city consists of over 14 islands which are connected by 57 bridges.

The charming buildings, the ever-present nature, the close proximity to water and, above all, the 870,000 likeable people of Stockholm ( 2.1 million in greater Stockholm) make this city so appealing.

"The Eco Park“ - The Royal National City Park is the world's first National City Park, and the green lung of the this busy city. Stockholm is considered an insider tip of the fashion and design crowd. Most of the city's sights can be reached on foot, which is always a welcome fact for those travelers who want to see a lot within a limited time. Experience everything during the day and night: metropolitan flair, culture, history and nature - all in one day!

You can visit Stockholm's most popular attractions on the island of Djurgården. Here is the world-famous warship Vasa, and Skansen, the world's oldest open air museum, and Junibacken (the Astrid Lindgren museum) known as Birkenlundout of the children's book "Madita".